Friday, December 19, 2008

That's A Wrap!

The house is all decorated, you have spent countless hours shopping and it's all done (for the most part), now it's time to sit back and relax.....hold on there G...those presents aren't going to wrap themselves. Need a little boost to get in the groove? Check out these ideas for wrapping the perfect gift.

Whether you reuse wrap and bowes, buy new each year or you are in the "Green" movement, you'll find some wrapping ideas. My fav's were the paint cans, printing out script font phrases from your computer, and decorating lunch bags. Have a flat bow that won't perk up-BH&G cut the loops and made it look like new. And my final fav-spray paint a leaf and use instead of a bow.

Now, go turn on some music, get out your stuff and Get Your Wrap On!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy New Year to Everyone Out There!

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Glittery Snowman Gift Tag

When my kids were little we would make a special craft project every year right before Christmas which we would give as gifts to our families. Normally they were ornaments (wire craft with beads, snowmen in clear globes or old Christmas card/patch work stars), all to hang from someones tree. My husband and I enjoyed the time together watching the kids (and ourselves) create these magical pieces, and we hope everyone enjoyed receiving them as well. These days it seems a bit more difficult to find the time to do that but these tags would certainly have made the list.

Check out Better Homes & Gardens instructions for making these adorable snowman gift tags. Any previous scrap-booker probably has all the supplies on hand. Brrrrrr.

12 Tips to keep joy in the holidays

Bah Hum Bug! Not everyone enjoys this time of year, (gasssppp..I know it's hard for others to believe or understand)...but it's true-and for many different reasons. The holiday season can also lead to depression for some people (either during the busy time or after the celebrations are all over). If you feel yourself slipping into the "holidays blues" try some of these suggestions from Psych Central for keeping the joy in the season.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

100 Days of Holidays

I LOVE Christmas! I love everything about it. The sights, sounds, tastes and smells of it. And of course, I decorate. Sometimes even a little too much perhaps, what! After all the decorating that I have done over the years, I search for new ideas that I haven't used before or in the last several years. I am always amazed when I come across an idea that makes me say...DUH! Why haven't I thought of that.

Check out these easy ideas for a great looking Christmas. Some are simple Duh ideas (maybe new to you) and some are new chic ideas. I take the ideas I see and expand on them with what I like or already have in the home. The ideas that struck me were: using scrap book paper or wrapping paper for a runner or place mats, filling pretty cups or jars with cinnamon sticks and using berry sprigs for napkin holders. 100 Days of Holidays

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Earn Money with Ebates

If you haven't heard of Ebates-you, my friend, are missing out! Almost any shopping that you do on line, can be done thru Ebates..and you will earn actual money..moo-lah! (not points or credits..the green stuff) Here's the deal: you sign up (free membership) then each time you are going to shop on line ie: to a clothing store, Target, Walmart, Hot Topic, Office supplies, Home improvement store, car stuff, pet stuff...(get the idea) your first sign in to Rebates, then directly to the store of your choice. It is the actual site, everything is exactly the same as if you went directly there first hand. earn money for every purchase (up to 26% cash back-although the average is probably 5%, coupons to hundreds of stores and the best prices. They automatically cut you a check every 3 months and mail it to you. How simple is that?? So far I have earned $86.21 in 4 months, just for shopping as normal.

And here's a sweeter deal---sign up now by going here and make your first qualifying purchase before December 31, and we will both get a $10.00 credit. SWEET

Gobble, Gobble, Gone

I realize it is belated, but I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to share it with loved ones. We had a very unusual Thanksgiving at our home. For the first time ever, we had Gamble's parents and my parents at our house at the same time. The In-laws live in Illinois and have been down visiting. Including the kids we had 8 people at the table. We missed not having Bee-Wee and Ffej over (they were up North for the holiday). Considering the health complications that some of our parents are facing recently, I had an overwhelming feeling of Thankfulness to have them all here sharing the evening with us. It was truly a wonderful evening.

I'm Back - (They're Gone)

Well folks, I sincerely apologize for dropping off the face of the earth and my ultimate failure to provide any interaction at all on my (or anyone Else's blog) for the past month or so. Things have been a bit at odds lately. On the top of the list is the In-Laws have been in town for the past month staying with us. Now let me elaborate "with us" I mean at our house, which is considerably small, not enough bedrooms for everyone and only one ...I'll bathroom. Anyone relate?? Considering the tight quarters, early mornings and busy schedules..oh-and half the house hold with an extremely nagging cough and cold--I think we have managed our way thru the past 4 weeks quite well. Each year they come to visit and we cram as much sight seeing, beach walking, etc. into the time as we can. They are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning, so I expect life to get slightly closer to "back to normal" soon...of course then there is Christmas coming..and New Years..and.......

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is Cool!

Try this out, you'll get a kick out of it...and maybe even a prize.

Monday, November 3, 2008

More Contests To Try

If you have been trying your luck at the contests that I have been posting, here are some more to try.

Tyson and Pfaltzgraff offer the Bring Your Best to the Dinner Table Sweepstakes. You can enter once a day for a chance to win the grand prize of at $5,000 dining room makeover and dinner for 1 year or 100's of instant prizes. Enter daily until December 31.

3x the Relaxation Sweepstakes Grand prize is $3,000 towards a spa vacation, runner up gets $1,000 towards one or daily winners will get a free 2ct. Mr. Clean Majic Eraser. Ends 1/4/09

Saturday, October 25, 2008

How Frugal Are You?

I came across a really cool blog that is worth checking out. Almost Frugal lists 25 Frugal Things that she does. She also has a list of 25 more frugal things.

If you have any frugal ideas to share-leave me a comment.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Sweepstakes

Scott Towels Sweepstakes

Enter to win Scott Towels Sweepstakes for a chance to win a year supply of Scott paper towels or instantly win gift cards valued between $25 and $1000.

You can enter once a day until December 31.

Thanks to My Good Cents for the link.

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Dole Salad

Enter once a day to win a free Distinctively Dole Salad.

Kotex Perfect Fit Sweepstakes

Enter for a chance to win a trip to New York and a $5,000 wardrobe makeover.

While you're at can request a free sample pack which includes Kotex Ultra Thins, Light Days and Tampons.

Try Your Luck At This Give-Away

This one is from Coinstar. They are giving away gift cards every day thru the end of the year. Click the link and you could win gift cards to Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks as well as cash and electronic prizes. They are also giving away a $1000 Amazon gift card every month thru December. You could buy a lot of pumpkins with that!

Good Luck!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Business Spot Light *Zu-Li Designs*

Owning our own family business, we understand the importance of getting your name out and being recognized as a unique or an excellent customer-service based company. So we will be "Spot Lighting" local businesses that we patronize and highly recommend to others. The first absolutely had to be Zu-Li Designs. I have several pieces of my own I love them and the compliments that I receive whenever I wear them. Check it out for yourself...You will find amazing "Jewelry for the Soul" hand created by Billie. You will fall in love with the handmade boxes that the jewelry comes in. Unique book marks (for you book worms) come wrapped in paper. Shipping is free on All items. (Don't forget Christmas is coming soon). Check out the variety of necklaces, earings, bookmarks, key chains and more at Zu-Li Designs or check out her Blog.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Money Management/Saving Money

One topic that I enjoy reading and sharing thoughts about is what everyone is doing during the changing economic times to keep up their households and lifestyles. I admit it....I have become a coupon, rebate and sale watcher. I always shrugged my face at the thought in the past, maybe keeping a great coupon now and then, but normally loosing it or forgetting to take it with us to the store. I have thrown away so many coupons that expired 8 months prior, that it seemed pointless to even attempt saving with coupons. But that has changed. I'm sure you have heard the scenarios of a woman walking into a grocery store and coming out with 2 carts of stuff and paying only $2.00 for it all. Well, I'm not a person to that extent. Between running the business, and household, I don't have the time (or the energy) to be bouncing around to 10 different stores to buy only a few on sale items and using coupons good for that day only, several times a week. But one thing that I have started doing is keeping a much closer eye on the drug store for coupons, rebates and special sales. For instance, this weekend I did make a special trip to buy 2 bottles of Nature Made Cranberry pills. My daughter and I both use them, so it is an item we would need to purchase soon anyway. Walgreens had a sale- buy 1 get 1 free, and on the Nature Made website they had a $2.00 off coupon. So, normally 2 bottles would have cost $16.98, but after their sale and my coupon, I was able to get them for $6.49 (that's a savings of $10.49). I also picked up 4 bars of Rocky Road candy bars---If you haven't tried them-you have to (especially the milk chocolate) Yumm!. I found $3.00 off 2 coupons in the rebate book. They are $1.99 each minus the coupons meant I spent $1.96 for all 4. I wouldn't normally spend $1.99 on a single candy bar, but these are great and with the coupon, very affordable. I will write more about what we are doing to save money...let me know your thoughts or ideas too.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meet Our Fur Balls

These are our beautiful four-legged babies. Banyon (5 yrs old) and his daughter Nikki (1 1/2 yrs old) are Chinooks. They are wonderful dogs and our family adores them. To find out more check out the the Chinook website.