Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ketchup and Christmas Wishes

There is no time of year more appropriate than now to remind us all of just how special our time with each other and on this earth truly is.  In light of all the bad news, drama and insecurities that try to surround us in our daily lives, we would like to extend this thought....  

Our sincere wish for everyone this year is to find peace, happiness and laughter this Christmas season and all thru the year to come.   The 2013 year can be the "turn around" year.  The one that more and more people have the Ahh-Ha moment.  Find a little more patience with each other, a dab more understanding, be a bit more helpful to those in need.  We can strive to make our loved ones, ourselves and others feel respected, cherished and an important part of this earth... because after all, without each other nothing matters.

On a less heavy note, we have a lot of ketch-up'ing to do.  It's been awhile (yea, I know...go ahead....let me have it.  I'll sit here and wait......   are you done yet??)  Moving on--we have a lot to share, a lot of good info to come your way, and a lot of stuff that would suck to miss out on.   Be sure to subscribe to our blog if you haven't already.  Go hug your family, get the cookies out of the oven before they burn and try to actually enjoy this Christmas.  If it helps at all-we still have Acme gift certificates available for that person still on your list.  Happy Holidays!