Friday, September 25, 2009

OMG!!!!!! What a night!

How crazy is that? Both of our kids were in seperate vehicle accidents on Thursday within 1 hour of each other. Thankfully-both are ok!

Brianna's school bus clipped a car turning a corner. The kids aboard the bus weren't near as shaken about the incident as they were the very upset, vocally loud person getting out of the car that the bus hit. After about a 1 1/2 hour delay, she made it back home.

1 hour later Chance was T-Boned in the drivers side of his Acme truck a few blocks away from the office. The blow spun the truck into a light pole and bouncing sideways down the side walk. He is alright...but the truck on the other hand.....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our Newest Newbie

If you happen to have a reason to call our Acme office, chances are that you may be greeted by the pleasant voice of Lindsay. She has moved from the Troy, Illinois area and is the most recent person to join our family business. Her caring nature and professionalism is a welcoming addition. So, whether you call Acme Termite & Pest Control and speak to Lindsay, Billie, Angee or Karen, you should know that your call is appreciated.

Welcome Lindsay!

ATTENTION: All teachers & students grades 4-8

Whether you are a teacher looking for ways to infuse creativity and fun into your lesson plans, an educator facing an added challenge due to cut budgets and programs or a student in grades 4-8 looking for a it is!

**You can win $3,000 for your school's science department**

The PPMA (Professional Pest Management Alliance) has announced the "Pest PSA Contest"

Use your biology, entomology and creativity hats to create educational public service announcements (PSAs) that discuss the health and property risks posed by household pests. The grand prize winning entry will receive $3,000 for their school's science department.

Check out for full contest rules and details, including sample PSAs and lesson plans for creating PSAs. The website is a great spot for kids to find pest guides, games, science fair kits, & help for writing reports. Check it out.