Sunday, November 30, 2008

Earn Money with Ebates

If you haven't heard of Ebates-you, my friend, are missing out! Almost any shopping that you do on line, can be done thru Ebates..and you will earn actual money..moo-lah! (not points or credits..the green stuff) Here's the deal: you sign up (free membership) then each time you are going to shop on line ie: to a clothing store, Target, Walmart, Hot Topic, Office supplies, Home improvement store, car stuff, pet stuff...(get the idea) your first sign in to Rebates, then directly to the store of your choice. It is the actual site, everything is exactly the same as if you went directly there first hand. earn money for every purchase (up to 26% cash back-although the average is probably 5%, coupons to hundreds of stores and the best prices. They automatically cut you a check every 3 months and mail it to you. How simple is that?? So far I have earned $86.21 in 4 months, just for shopping as normal.

And here's a sweeter deal---sign up now by going here and make your first qualifying purchase before December 31, and we will both get a $10.00 credit. SWEET

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