Friday, December 19, 2008

That's A Wrap!

The house is all decorated, you have spent countless hours shopping and it's all done (for the most part), now it's time to sit back and relax.....hold on there G...those presents aren't going to wrap themselves. Need a little boost to get in the groove? Check out these ideas for wrapping the perfect gift.

Whether you reuse wrap and bowes, buy new each year or you are in the "Green" movement, you'll find some wrapping ideas. My fav's were the paint cans, printing out script font phrases from your computer, and decorating lunch bags. Have a flat bow that won't perk up-BH&G cut the loops and made it look like new. And my final fav-spray paint a leaf and use instead of a bow.

Now, go turn on some music, get out your stuff and Get Your Wrap On!

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Zu-Li Designs said...

I also like the button idea-the christmas tree design made out of buttons. I have to admit, the closest I get to being creative with my wrapping is matching the wrapping paper to the tree decorations. This year it's a blue, white and silver theme.