Monday, January 4, 2010

Whose running the show?

Welcome to 2010! We hope every one's new year has started off great.
Are you still getting used to writing 2010 on all your paperwork or are you one of those people that will continue to absentmindedly write 2009 for the next 6 months on every check you write? I came across a great article from dollar about setting and achieving goals. (Perhaps the first one should be to remember that it is now

Do you find yourself sitting around waiting for life to happen to you or are you planning, setting goals and heading towards the things you want to achieve in life? Whether your goals include family, financial, getting organized, traveling or millions of other ideas, a vision board may help you reach them. Need a little help getting started? Check this out: Setting Goals, Goal Setting, Achieving Goals


Anonymous said...

Your links were very helpful in assisting with my New Year's goals.

Billie said...

Excellent post!