Friday, December 18, 2009

So what kind of cookies will Santa get to choose from this year as his treat for visiting? At our home we have chose to shorten our list of cookie baking. For our Christmas party I'll be making buckeyes, peanut butter balls and truffles of white and dark chocolate. I'll also be making fa-la-la-la's, knock you nakeds and maybe a new chocolate pie concoction that I have been eye balling a recipe for. What is on your confection list? And just as important-what's the best way to keep cookies fresh? Visit Cooks Illustrated for their take on how to store your precious Christmas Cookies after all your hard work of making them.

To all our family, friends, customers and business associates we send you warm winter wishes for the merriest Christmas ever. We hope that you are able to relax into the holiday season and enjoy it at its best. Even if only briefly we hope that your worries, troubles, grief or stress will melt away as you listen to the sounds, see the sights and smell the aroma of Christmas all around you. Merry Christmas!

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