Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Happy Cinco De Mayo Day !
Doing anything special to celebrate?  Bradenton is having a Cinco De Mayo celebration downtown by the waterfront tonight.  They will have all the fun fixin', beer and music.  As much as we would like to go, we will be at home tonight instead, celebrating with our home-made tacos.  Yum. 
We recently stopped by a new place. From the outside we weren't quite sure what to expect.  It appeared to be a Hispanic grocery store and bakery.  We decided to experiment and go inside to check it out.  Walking in the doors of the bakery we were met with the best bakery smell you could ever imagine.  The place was buzzin' with people and the racks were loaded with breads, donuts, cookies, flans and other yummy things.  All the goodies were huge-most as big as your hand and you could watch as they pulled the pans out of the ovens.  We walked out with a large sack full of things that we still can't pronounce and didn't spend a lot of money.  We enjoyed sampling each baked good and will definitely be going back again. If you live in the Bradenton area stop by Acapulco Tropical sometime. The grocery store located next door is an interesting place too.  The store is packed full and includes a deli and prepared food area. We haven't ate there, but after reading the reviews, might have to try it out.

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