Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Borrow or buy?

You know all that stuff packed away in your garage, attic, shed and closet.  That thing, and those boxes of du-dads and all the other stuff that you just absolutely had to have...that now sits unused, dusty and forgotten about.  Well here is an idea for you...
A guest writer for Almost Frugal offers an interesting enhanced version of freecycle (which I have previously blogged about). Read the article here about borrowme.com.  Among the long list of available items that are available to borrow, rent or buy from people in your area, you may find a wheelborrow, canoe, camping equipment, pet carriers, music, DVD's, wedding dress, baby needs, tools, bicycle or my favorite funny find "Ten stupid things women do to mess up their lives" book.  You can even create a wish list of things you are hoping to find. 
So now you can loan or give out your unneeded items to someone who could use them or rent out your unused things-and make a little cash...maybe to spend on your next big "I gotta have!" item.

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