Friday, October 9, 2009

Halloween Spirit

Looking for some Halloween Spirit? How about these adorable drunk pumpkins? I love these guys!
We have had some fantastic Halloween parties in the past. I have fond memories of the adults taking our kids around to trick or treat in 40 degree weather all bundled up...some years we even had snow already. It was cold but fun. Of course we don't have that problem here in Florida. Instead, we have to wait until the day before to put our carved pumpkins outside, otherwise they turn to goo by the special night. Ewwwwww.

This year we are gathering at Billie and Jeff's for a Rock-Star themed party. Rock star costumes are required and a Guitar Hero competition will be taking place. Yeah, that ought to be interesting & fun.
Want to see something scary? Check out this website with pics taken of Walmart shoppers.

Feeling Crafty? How about these cute ghost luminaries from empty glass jars. Visit for instructions. You could make these out of small or big containers. and...they wouldn't turn to goo on your front porch step.

When the kids were little we made a bunch of these. I still have them.
They really turned out cool. (I was impressed). Here is the instructions.

Where ever you end up at this year..have a fun and safe Halloween.

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