Friday, April 24, 2009


You've heard of the fairy-tale poem, which is directed at Mary & asking her..what's up with your garden chi ca, how's it grow'in??

Well, I'm working on gettin' me one of those-there gardens too...for the fun of it and hopefully to save a little money, instead of purchasing these things from the grocery store all the time.

So far it is actually going well. And I don't say that in a boastful, bragging way...but instead in an OMG, I'm surprised type of way. The green peppers have started flowering (I can't wait), the rosemary is loving it, the basil and lemon thyme are singing also. I have had some problems with the cilantro and parsley. Something keeps digging them up and I find them bare-root naked laying in the pot, where hours before they were planted. I'm not sure if it is a bird, squirrel or cat..but whatever it is had better watch out! I also have some green onion, sweet basil and about 4 other herbs. I am also trying a tomato plant in an upside down planter. It is growing fast, has 1 baby and 5 or 6 flowers on it. But it has some leaves with a powdery film, so I am a little concerned. Inside I have seeded red, green and hot peppers, which didn't cost a cent. We are using recycled containers and seeds saved from previous veggies. (No sign of life yet). Last night we made our first meal with the herbs. I used the lemon thyme and rosemary on some chicken breasts. They turned out great and the house smelled wonderful with the aromas. I have also planted some lavender. Mark my words, one of these days, I will be running care free in a field of lavender.....of course the field may only be 2'x2',...but I will. Wish me luck

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